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Waste managing and waste treatment procedure: The 3Rs-Rule
Reduce, reuse, recycle: the 3Rs Rule

  • Reduce unnecessary consumption and stop generating more and more waste.
  • Reuse everything you can or give usable things to the other person / institution to use it.
  • Recycle what remains as waste and dispose into the green dumpsters only that kind of waste which could not be recycled otherwise. 

The order of the 3Rs Rule must always be remembered: the most important is to REDUCE producing the new waste. It would be ideal to reduce consumption and the new waste production up to the level to have nothing to recycle. Make THIS be your own aim! Then, keep always in mind the circular concept in the cycle of recycling. To enable this cycle to have the full circle, things you dispose into dumpsters should always come back to you. So, when you do your shopping, always choose the products which are recycled because on the contrary you do not participate in the process of recycling. 

Recycling saves energy, spares space needed for waste disposal and saves the natural resources! Recycling at home takes up little of your time and benefits people and the enviroment!
On the island of Krk 45% of the waste is collected separately. The aim is to raise it to 80%, by the year 2020. To achieve this goal, each of us has to contribute. Separate waste collection and recycling are the right way for each individual to change things locally and globally.