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Advantages of the new Door-to-Door waste collection


  • Street areas which used to be cluttered with dumpsters, today can be turned into promenades, parking places etc.
  • Organic and residual waste are removed from the streets and the unpleasant smells are reduced
  • Our wish is to include the island of Krk among the most ecological destinations in Europe
  • Increasing the separately collected waste percentage (if the European towns can collect more than 80% of the waste alone applying the Door-to-Door system, why wouldn’t we do the same?)


  • The new Sustainable Waste Managing Law orders the separate waste collection 
  • The European Community legislature is based on the separate waste collection


  • Separate waste collection is what contemporary tourism demands (most of our guests do this at their homes and this is the only modality they can accept)
  • Tourists recognize and appreciate efforts given by the inhabitants of the island to take care about the environment and they are attracted by such an ecological destination
  • Economy of the island of Krk is oriented to tourism (1/3 of the regional tourism of County of Primorje and Gorski kotar is effectuated on the island of Krk as well as 6% of the national tourism of Croatia). During the summer months, we take care of significant waste quantities which are managed in a planned manner.


  • Waste removal costs reduction
  • Residual waste reduction leads to reduction of costs for waste removed to the central disposal area for County of Primorje and Gorski kotar – “Marinšćina” (in other words, when the centre opens, there will be less price increasing)
    useful raw-material disposal costs prevention (eg. paper, glass, plastic, organic waste etc.) which can be used on the island